"Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit." ~ Pope Fancis I


man18_128-face-rightThe website is all about providing visitors with tools available online that have been vetted to ensure that the information being presented is sound and fit for use by followers of The Way (Acts 9:1-2) as taught by the Master, Jesus (Yeshua was the name his mother named him). The difference between this website and hundreds of others all over the internet is that great care has been poured into this vetting process so that the resources you see here are not clouded by one of the millions of extra-biblical “additions” to Christianity over the course of 2,000 years. It’s important because you will find that many belief systems used by various denominations of the Christian faith use hermeneutics (method of interpretation) that are based opinion with are without a doubt almost always with the best of intentions, but cannot and do not stand up to principled application by rule rather than valid exceptions that can be explained with the methodology used to arrive at denomination specific doctrine. It’s not that we don’t have opinions on what to make of portions of scripture that could seen in different ways, it’s that whenever alternative theories are used we feel that it is supremely important to present fair and reasonable facts that allow God to speak to the reader by the Holy Spirit. Again, the intions of most are good and sincere, we do not dispute that at all. The reason we insist on biblical neutrality on debatable interpretations for things like the belief in Young Earth Creationism by many denomination and various shades of Intelligent Design embraced by others for example. It isn’t so important to know how God did it, but rather that God did do it so that we can focus on the point rather than peoples opinions on matters that are not “make or break” Christian theological orthodoxy (or dogma: a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true).


This website is also about a journey that began a long time ago when my daughter was baptized when we did a father and daughter road trip to Creation Fest in Eastern Washington. She lives in Iowa where she is now a college student, but I lived in Washington and didn’t have the luxury of being there physically to lead and guide her spiritual growth in that crucial period following a person decision to open his or her heart to God, accept the redemption loving and mercifully offered to mankind at great cost to His son, and begin living a life as a follower of The Way. Many people come to the peak of their faith when they decide to become a follower of the Master and live their life for him and they begin the process of finding a church that meets their expectation, comfort levels and social concerns, and in so doing begin a long, many times painful decline from the peak of the day he or she was born again into religion until they are reduced to a person who goes through the motions of fitting in to the prevailing culture that they have chosen to associate themselves with when they picked that church for aforementioned reasons. This leaves any and every body feeling like joy is work in and of itself because it has to be manufactured so that the other church won’t be disappointed in his or her’s lack of faith, and what should have been a journey through life led by the Holy Spirit, is a life effort, hard work, toiling for years and crisis after crisis of faith as the Holy Spirit warns and pleads with him or her to let go and let God do what man is incapable of doing choosing to be accepted and indoctrinated in whatever church he or she attends. Many go so far as to stop going to church altogether, and yet others bounce from denomination to denomination desperately seeking the burning desire to find the person they found when God found them and they were born again. It’s not a question of whether or not this means you, for I assure you that it means everybody and yes… we’re talking to you! You won’t find religion in a can, God in a box or cool tips on how to get God to bark and rollover so that your life is going the way you want it to go and you won’t find those things here; I am not sorry to say!

What you will find here?

diagram04_128Simply put, what you will find here are the words, teachings and ways of the Master our Lord Yeshua given to us and recorded in scripture, passed down from generation to generation over the course of thousands of years. They have not been diluted, made and marketed to be presented as Rated G and politically correct theater on Sunday mornings with special shows for the greatest show on earth for Easter and Christmas. What you will find here are tools that will enable you to seek God who has promised you that if sought, you would find. It is important to understand that you will only find what you are looking for, this is a simple, obvious and commonly overlooked major detail by Christians looking for God in a building one hour of one day a week. But, if what you seek is God on His terms, how He presented it to mankind and with open heart for Him, He will use His word to shape you, mold you and become the man or woman He longs so very much to see you be. The Way isn’t easy, scripture makes no such promise. However, the burden is light with regard to what God expects from you. You can’t, He knows it longs or the day that you decide to put the ways of man and to grow into all He has had in store for you for all of eternity. Man can’t even take you a 100 years, and what was thought to be supremely important to a denomination or religious leader now, will fade just as surely as all things created in this temporary tent we call life on earth. God on the other hand made the earth, is the tent and your destiny is with Him in a place that is beyond the seemingly inescapable bonds of time and space that He has been preparing for you from the day that He breathed into you the gift of life, gave you the power of choice and patiently waiting for His beloved to come home. In fact, He longs for you like a man waiting for his bride whose new life will be eternity with Him as the bride of Christ in a mansion so marvelous that writers of various books in scripture have used words like gold, precious jewels, pure light, pure truth and eternal life.


This probably will come as a shock to most, but once you’ve put aside your expectations and demands from God and open your heart and mind to allow Him to show you what you should expect and how demands turn into thanks, your life will change radically and the journey we all take that we call life will be an amazing adventure that never ends. This doesn’t mean that magic checks will appear in your mailbox or that you will be shielded from all of the so-called bad things of life. Your bills will remain, people will disappoint you and you can rest assured that God uses life itself to teach you how to live in the midst of adversity or comfort and safety, and sometimes He uses the things we loathe to experience in life to shape and mold us to be a fitting wife for the groom of His son. In other words no promise is made that you will avoid life or consequences of living in a broken world, but you will learn how to walk down the same path as every human on the planet and become as brave and fearless as a soldier equipped with the skill and resources necessary to win the battles that would have otherwise crushed you without prejudice and left you less the person for the wear. So please, join us and learn what God has in store for each and every one of us who reject man and choose God



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